Shah Rukh Khan is responsible for the destruction of Bollywood, Vivek Agnihotri


Bollywood director Vikram Agnihotri has attributed the downfall of the Indian film industry to actor Shah Rukh Khan. In a recent controversial interview, the director of the contentious Kashmir File film stated that he is a huge admirer of Shah Rukh Khan, yet he finds Aamir Khan’s politics distasteful.

Agnihotri remarked that Shah Rukh Khan is one of those responsible for the ruin of institutions like Bollywood, having turned the film industry into a realm of personal affiliations, superficial displays, enchantment, and stardom. He acknowledged Shah Rukh Khan’s charisma and appealing personality but expressed apprehension regarding his involvement in superstar-driven politics.

According to Agnihotri, he believes that the blame for the destruction of Bollywood lies with Shah Rukh Khan, who, in his view, has damaged everything. He indicated his disagreement with this perspective, suggesting that he does not accept this assertion.

Vikram Agnihotri further stated that the film industry has diverged into two factions: those who create movies for the audience’s betterment and reap success from it, and those who perceive the audience as naive and focus solely on box office triumph.

He included Shah Rukh Khan in the latter group, prompting introspection about who is right and who is wrong. When questioned about working with Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood director responded that he would have no issue if Khan is willing to collaborate according to his preferences.

The comments by Vikram Agnihotri have stirred controversy, as they point fingers at Shah Rukh Khan for the perceived decline in the quality and integrity of Bollywood. However, opinions on this matter vary widely within the industry and among the audience. The dynamics of the entertainment industry are complex, and attributing its challenges to a single individual might oversimplify the issue.