Ukraine urges NATO collaboration for defense industry boost.

In a NATO meeting in Brussels, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, revealed that the European Union has delivered 300,000 shells of the promised one million to Ukraine, emphasizing the need for closer collaboration between Ukraine and NATO in defense industries. Kuleba called for the establishment of a Euro-Atlantic common defense area to ensure both Ukraine’s security and that of NATO member countries.

Amidst efforts to diversify its arms sources, Ukraine has been actively attracting global arms manufacturers to set up operations within its borders. Kuleba dismissed claims of a stalemate in the conflict with Russia, highlighting ongoing initiatives to secure necessary supplies.

Addressing concerns about Slovak President Robert Fico’s stance on military aid, Kuleba clarified that the maintenance hub for Ukrainian heavy equipment in Slovakia would continue, along with contracts between Ukrainian and Slovak companies involved in weapon production. The minister concluded his update with optimism, emphasizing a “productive” meeting with Slovak Foreign Minister Juraj Blanar.