Hamas Spokesperson Declares Israeli Failure in Gaza, Highlights Substantial Losses

In a press conference held in Beirut, Osama Hamdan, the spokesperson for Hamas, declared that Israel has failed to achieve any of its objectives in Gaza, both militarily and politically. Hamdan emphasized that Israel’s ground operations in Gaza have proven to be a resounding failure.

Speaking from the Lebanese capital, Hamdan stated that the number of Israeli soldiers killed in the ground offensive exceeds the figures officially disclosed by Israel. He asserted that over a thousand Israeli soldiers have been injured, with 200 of them sustaining severe injuries. Hamdan predicted that the enemy’s losses would continue to mount in the coming days.

Hamas’s spokesperson revealed that 80% of the Israeli ground forces failed to penetrate the heartland of Gaza. Palestinian prisoners conveyed the brutality of Israel’s conduct during the conflict, describing it as excessively savage.

Addressing efforts for a complete ceasefire in Gaza, Hamdan urged Arab leaders and Muslim countries to act upon the resolutions of the Arab League. He stated that if Palestinians were not imprisoned in Israeli jails, there would be no need to resort to kidnappings.

Hamdan called for an increase in the daily humanitarian aid trucks entering Gaza and drew parallels with Elon Musk’s visit to Israel, urging international figures to witness the devastation inflicted on Palestinians by Israelis.

Hamdan emphasized that the situation in Gaza warrants urgent attention and intervention. The international community must prioritize efforts to broker peace and hold Israel accountable for its actions, ensuring the well-being and rights of the Palestinian people are safeguarded. The spokesperson’s statements shed light on the gravity of the situation in Gaza and the need for immediate global action to address the ongoing crisis.