Call for International Investigation as Afghan Spy Agents Seek Asylum

In a recent development, Afghan intelligence agents, having removed their masks, are attempting to seek asylum through Interpol. A plea has been made to the governments of Canada and the United Kingdom to investigate these alleged traitors and their potential misuse of intelligence against their own nation.

The provincial Minister of Information and Broadcasting emphasized that these agents, if capable of betraying their homeland, cannot be trusted by the governments of Canada and the UK either. He highlighted the possibility of these individuals being disloyal and warned that measures would be taken to repatriate illegal and foreign elements involved in establishing a state narrative.

He stated that along with implementing measures to establish a state narrative, the illegal and foreign elements would also be expelled from Pakistan, emphasizing the need to eliminate unauthorized foreign individuals, one by one, from the country.

Jan Achakzai further added that a stringent enforcement of the Van Document Regime has been initiated. Under this, any driver from Afghanistan would be denied entry without a passport and visa. This move aims to tighten control over the influx of individuals from Afghanistan, ensuring that proper documentation is in place for entry into Pakistan.

Achakzai also mentioned the initiation of strict actions against the enforcement of this policy. He underscored that no driver from Afghanistan would be allowed to enter without the necessary passport and visa. This decision is part of a broader strategy to regulate and scrutinize the entry of individuals from Afghanistan into Pakistan.

The Information Minister of the province of Nangarhar emphasized that the implementation of this policy is underway with rigorous efforts. The mention of taking stringent action indicates a commitment to ensuring the security and integrity of the nation against potential threats from foreign elements, particularly those associated with Afghan intelligence seeking asylum.

The call for an international investigation and the stringent implementation of policies to regulate the entry of individuals from Afghanistan reflect the gravity of the situation. The concern over potential misuse of intelligence and the decisive actions taken by the provincial government underscore the need for a thorough examination of these developments to safeguard national interests and security.