Beitunia celebration as palestinian detainees released amid gaza truce uncertainty.

In Beitunia, West Bank, 39 Palestinian women and minors were released under a hostage deal brokered by Qatar, freeing them from various charges. This agreement also led to the release of 13 Israeli hostages held by Hamas gunmen. The families of the freed detainees expressed relief tinged with sadness as a four-day truce in Gaza was set to expire, anticipating the resumption of fighting.

Sawsan Bkeer, mother of a released prisoner, Marah Bkeer, spoke of mixed emotions, stating, “There is no real joy, even this little joy we feel as we wait.” The fear and concern for the situation in Gaza tempered the happiness of the families.

Over 100 more Palestinian prisoners are expected to be released in the coming days, with the possibility of more releases if the truce is extended. In Beitunia, a crowd, mostly of young men, celebrated the freed prisoners, waving Palestinian flags, and some showing support for the Hamas militant group.

The Israeli military, gearing up for the next stage of the operation in Gaza, has vowed to free all hostages. The conflict has resulted in casualties on both sides, with thousands of Palestinians killed in the Israeli bombardment, and the military anticipates further developments as the truce concludes.

Ismail Shaheen, awaiting the release of his daughter Fatima, expressed gratitude for her inclusion in the exchange deal. However, he acknowledged the challenges in Gaza, saying, “We were happy that she was going to be released but only slightly so because we cannot ignore the dire conditions of our brothers in Gaza, where thousands have been killed.”