Supreme Judicial Council Issues Notice to Justice Mazhar Naqvi for Clarification

The Supreme Judicial Council of Pakistan has once again issued a notice seeking clarification from Justice Mazhar Naqvi. This development comes in response to complaints lodged against Justice Naqvi, and a meeting was convened under the leadership of Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Gulzar Ahmed.

The complaints against Justice Mazhar Naqvi were related to alleged irregularities, and during the council meeting, four out of five members expressed support for initiating proceedings against him. Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, along with Justices Sardar Tariq, Amir Bhatti, and Naeem Afghan, favored issuing a notice to Justice Naqvi, while Justice Aijazul Ahsan dissented.

According to sources, the evidence presented during the meeting shed light on the need for seeking clarification from Justice Naqvi. The Supreme Judicial Council has stipulated that Justice Naqvi must respond to the notice within 14 days, providing an explanation for the allegations raised against him.

This is not the first time that Justice Mazhar Naqvi has faced scrutiny from the Supreme Judicial Council. In the council’s session on October 27, a similar notice had been issued against him. At that time, Justice Naqvi had objected to the lack of detailed information regarding the complaints and objections raised against him.

The council took three consecutive days to review complaints and objections against Justice Naqvi during the recent meeting. The Supreme Judicial Council delved into 10 specific cases, seeking clarification and explanations from Justice Naqvi. The proceedings have brought to light the need for a thorough examination of the allegations against the judge.

It is noteworthy that Justice Naqvi had challenged the jurisdiction of the Supreme Judicial Council in the meeting held on October 27, emphasizing the importance of a detailed presentation of the complaints against him. The ongoing developments highlight the complexity of the legal and ethical considerations surrounding judicial conduct in Pakistan, and the outcome of the proceedings will undoubtedly have implications for the reputation and standing of Justice Mazhar Naqvi within the judiciary.