Nawaz Sharif Stresses Accountability and National Reconciliation in Parliament Speech

Former Prime Minister and leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Nawaz Sharif, addressed the parliamentary board, expressing gratitude for being acquitted in what he referred to as false cases. In his speech, Sharif acknowledged that whatever happened with him had transpired, and while he harbors no desire for revenge, accountability is imperative for the sake of the country.

Sharif began by thanking Allah for his acquittal in cases that were proven baseless, citing the High Court’s clear verdict in his favor. He highlighted his compliance with legal proceedings, mentioning his readiness to face accountability and his commitment to the rule of law.

Discussing the accusations related to Panama, Sharif asserted that when nothing incriminating was found, attempts were made to disqualify him from the premiership. He pointed out the irony of being denied permission to present the Panama case, emphasizing the need for accountability to ensure justice and fairness.

Referring to remarks made by judges, including the references to the Sicilian Mafia and Godfather, Sharif stated that such comments do not befit the judiciary. He mentioned the extradition request submitted to the UK, expressing his willingness to appear in court upon his return to Pakistan. However, he revealed that a sentence had already been issued before his return, labeling it a decision that turned into a global mockery.

Nawaz Sharif emphasized that the sentence he received is not just against him and his family but a verdict against 25 crore people of Pakistan. He portrayed it as a struggle for justice and accountability that resonates beyond his personal grievances.

Addressing the issue of communication with his family, Sharif revealed his attempts to reach out to his wife but claimed that his efforts were rebuffed. He lamented the wounds that cannot be healed, highlighting the emotional toll of the situation.

Sharif discussed the monitoring judge appointed in his case, who made remarks suggesting that Nawaz Sharif should know there is enough space in Adiala Jail. He mentioned that while he never conspired against Generals Bajwa, Faiz, or Raheel, the conspirators behind the scenes should be identified.

Nawaz Sharif clarified that he seeks no personal vendetta but insists on accountability for those who have allegedly conspired against the nation. The speech underlines the importance of fair and transparent legal proceedings and the broader implications for national reconciliation and stability.