Wipe it off: Internet thinks Ranbir is a ‘red flag’ after Alia’s latest revelation


Ranbir Kapoor Receives Online Attention as Alia Bhatt’s Relationship Insights Emerge.

Internet chatter is once again labeling Ranbir Kapoor a “red flag,” following a recent disclosure by his wife, Alia Bhatt, regarding their relationship dynamics. In a Vogue India video, Alia shared her unique approach to applying lipstick and revealed that she tends to keep it minimal due to her husband’s preferences.

Alia Bhatt

In the video, Alia demonstrated her technique of gently gliding lipstick onto her lips, opting to move her lips along the lipstick rather than the other way around. Acknowledging the distinctiveness of her method, she mentioned its convenience for her. Subsequently, she wiped off most of the lipstick from her lips, aiming for a faded look.

Elaborating on the matter, Alia explained, “Because there’s this one thing my husband, back when he was my boyfriend and now as my husband too, used to say, ‘Wipe that off, wipe that off,’ because he loves the natural color of my lips.” This revelation has ignited discussions online, sparking comments about relationship dynamics and personal preferences.

For Alia, it was a moment when she was sharing a cute detail about her relationship with Ranbir, but netizens did not agree. Most people resorted to labelling him a “red flag”, which is what the internet calls people who might not be conducive for the healthiest relationships.