Pakistani Actress Fiza Ali Opens Up About Post-Divorce Challenges

Pakistani actress Fiza Ali recently shared her sentiments, stating that despite her separation, she cannot tolerate any negativity towards her ex-husband, Fawad. Fiza Ali had recently appeared as a guest on a talk show, where she discussed various aspects of her unsuccessful marital life.

She revealed that she began working just three days after the birth of her daughter and faced challenges on sets due to some individuals’ unpleasant behavior. She expressed, “When I returned to work regularly after my divorce, people on the sets would make sympathetic remarks about Fawad, including some who were Fawad’s friends. This, coupled with the fact that there were people who I didn’t like, led me to decide to quit acting in dramas.”

Fiza Ali highlighted that her decision to step back from acting was influenced by the negative attitudes she encountered on set, not only towards her but also in terms of casting aspersions on Fawad’s character. She explained, “You cannot bear to hear anything negative about a person who has not done anything wrong. Fawad never raised a hand on me, never mistreated me, and he didn’t even know what foul language was. He is a very good person.”

Furthermore, she emphasized that individuals who have not experienced separation may not fully understand the reasons behind such decisions. She stated, “Two people can separate for various reasons, but I know that after this decision, people will criticize me, asking why I left if everything was fine.”

Fiza Ali, who married Fawad Farooq in 2007 and shares a daughter with him, highlighted the need for people to respect personal decisions and not make assumptions about relationships that are not their own. The actress’ candid revelations shed light on the challenges and stigmas surrounding divorce in society, urging a more empathetic and understanding approach towards those experiencing such life changes.