Queen Alzabeth’s Encounter with Two American Tourists

Queen Elizabeth II once had an amusing encounter with two American tourists outside Buckingham Palace. The Queen was casually strolling with her former protection officer, Richard Griffin, when they encountered two American tourists who failed to recognize Queen Elizabeth as the British monarch.

Richard Griffin revealed this intriguing incident in an interview. He explained that it was a common practice for the Queen to greet people who passed by as she walked outside Buckingham Palace. On that day, as usual, she stopped to exchange greetings with two individuals who turned out to be American tourists. It was evident from their faces that they didn’t recognize the Queen.

Amusingly, espionage forced one of the tourists to ask the Queen if she resided in the vicinity. To this, the Queen humorously pointed towards the nearby Buckingham Palace and replied, “I live just over there.”

Following this, the tourists inquired about the Queen’s previous visits to the area, and she playfully responded with a mischievous smile, “I’ve been coming here for 80 years.”

Amusingly, one of the tourists further inquired if they had already met the Queen during her 80-year tenure. With a chuckle, the Queen gestured toward Richard Griffin and said, “I’ve never met the Queen, but this policeman has regular dealings with her.”

The tourists then took the opportunity to request a photograph with the Queen, even though they hadn’t recognized her. They handed their camera to Richard Griffin, who took a photo of them with the Queen.

After the tourists left, the Queen expressed her desire to see them again but in a different context. She wanted to witness their reactions when they showed their photos to their acquaintances back in the United States, realizing that they had indeed met the Queen.

This light-hearted and entertaining encounter showcased Queen Elizabeth’s down-to-earth nature and her ability to find humor in unexpected situations.