Tech firms, including TikTok and snapchat, pledge joint effort to combat aI-generated child sexual abuse images.

LONDON (Reuters) – A coalition of technology companies, including TikTok, Snapchat, and Stability AI, has joined forces to combat the proliferation of child sexual abuse images generated by artificial intelligence (AI).

The United Kingdom announced this joint commitment, with 27 signatories that include the governments of the United States, Germany, and Australia. This significant move was unveiled at an event held in preparation for a global summit on AI safety hosted by the UK this week.

The joint statement issued reads, “We resolve to sustain the dialogue and technical innovation around tackling child sexual abuse in the age of AI. We resolve to work together to ensure that we utilize responsible AI for tackling the threat of child sexual abuse and commit to continue to work collaboratively to ensure the risks posed by AI to tackling child sexual abuse do not become insurmountable.”

According to the Internet Watch Foundation, data revealed that a dark web forum shared nearly 3,000 images of AI-generated child sexual abuse material, highlighting the alarming rise of this distressing content.

Susie Hargreaves, the Chief Executive of the Internet Watch Foundation, emphasized the urgency of addressing the misuse of AI technology, saying, “It is essential, now, we set an example and stamp out the abuse of this emerging technology before it has a chance to fully take root.”

This collective effort by tech companies and governments signifies a significant step in confronting the dark side of technology and striving to ensure the responsible use of AI to protect the most vulnerable members of society.