Flame-throwing robot dog now available for sale in the US.

An Ohio-based company, Throwflame, has made waves by offering a unique product for sale in the United States: a flame-throwing robotic dog. The company recently announced that its ARC Flamethrower, attached to the Go2 Robot Dog manufactured by China-based Unitree, is back in stock and available for purchase at $9,420 per unit.

Throwflame’s promotional video showcases the capabilities of the ARC Flamethrower, boasting the ability to emit streams of fire up to 30 feet with the simple push of a button. Despite the unconventional nature of the product, Throwflame assures potential buyers that the flamethrowers are legal to own and are not subject to federal regulation, as they are not classified as firearms.

This is not the first flamethrower released by Throwflame; the company introduced its initial product, the X15, in 2015. The X15 boasted even greater firepower, capable of emitting a stream of flaming fuel or napalm up to 50 feet. Despite initial concerns about its legality, Throwflame maintains that its flamethrowers remain unrestricted in 48 states, prompting a mix of curiosity and controversy in the media.