Who is Salman Khan’s favorite girlfriend?

Famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s old video is going viral on social media in which he revealed his favorite girlfriend.

A short video clip from Salman Khan’s show “Dus Ka Dum” is circulating on various social media pages, especially on the photo and video sharing platform Instagram.

Although Salman Khan often engages in humorous interactions with his audience, especially children, during his shows, a recent video of him has gone viral. In this video, a group of children ask Salman Khan about his favorite girlfriend.

While playfully interacting with the children, the actor says, “Not favorite, I have only one girlfriend whose name is…” and then he pretends to forget the name, acting as if he can’t recall it. Finally, he playfully acts out trying to remember the name and gets the children to reveal the name to him.

This lighthearted video has captured the attention of social media users and is being widely shared across various platforms.