Anti-narcotics force in Pakistan seizes 88 kilograms of drugs in multiple operations.

Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) in Pakistan conducted five successful operations, resulting in the seizure of a total of 88 kilograms of drugs. Here’s a breakdown of the operations:

  1. M-1 Motorway, Islamabad: ANF intercepted a vehicle on the M-1 Motorway in Islamabad and recovered 15.6 kilograms of hashish concealed in secret cavities of the car. During the operation, weapons were also seized from two individuals who were residents of Charsadda.
  2. Sangjani Toll Plaza, Islamabad: ANF arrested an accused along with a woman riding a bike near Sangjani Toll Plaza in Islamabad. They recovered 2.2 kilograms of hashish, 500 grams of opium, and one kilogram of Ice drug concealed in the seat of the motorcycle.
  3. Bacha Khan International Airport: ANF conducted an operation at the Bacha Khan International Airport and seized 87 Ice-filled capsules from a passenger. The accused, a resident of Khyber, was attempting to leave for Qatar by flight.
  4. Jamrud, Khyber: ANF conducted a raid in the Jamrud area of Khyber and arrested two individuals, residents of Khyber, along with weapons. They recovered 5 kilograms of heroin, 200 grams of Ice, and 50 narcotic (ecstasy) tablets from the house of the arrested accused.
  5. Quetta: In an operation in Quetta, ANF recovered 62 kilograms of hashish from secret cavities of a pick-up vehicle.

Cases have been registered against all the accused under the Anti-Narcotics Act, and