Imran Khan, Bollywood Actor, Describes “Lakh” Film as Destructive and Eerie

In a recent interview, Bollywood actor Imran Khan expressed his unconventional views on his film “Lakh,” stating that it was both destructive and eerie. Imran Khan, the 40-year-old Bollywood star and nephew of actor Aamir Khan, discussed various aspects of his career, including his stint as an anchor.

Imran Khan gained recognition for his roles in romantic and comedy films, particularly for his notable performances in “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” and “Delhi Belly.” However, when it comes to the film “Lakh,” Imran Khan appears to diverge from the popular perspective, expressing a lack of satisfaction with being associated with the project.

During the interview, Imran Khan acknowledged his notable roles in romantic and crime comedy genres, showcasing a contrasting viewpoint about “Lakh.” He described the film as having a destructive and eerie quality, admitting that if anyone were to praise it, he would find it strange.

Imran Khan, who remained relatively distant from the film industry for several years, recently made a comeback, drawing enthusiastic attention from his fans. His last film, “Katti Batti,” was released in 2015, marking an eight-year hiatus before his return to the limelight.

While Imran Khan had kept a low profile for an extended period, recent information suggests that he is currently engaged in a web series project with director Abbas Tyrewala. This collaboration signifies his reentry into the entertainment industry after an extended break, sparking curiosity among his dedicated fan base.

Imran Khan’s candid remarks about “Lakh” offer a glimpse into the actor’s perspective, highlighting the diversity of opinions within the film industry and the nuanced relationship artists have with their work.