Gigi Hadid Is ‘Having Fun’ with Bradley Cooper

Gigi Hadid, at 28 years old, and Bradley Cooper, aged 48, sent shockwaves through the public when they were spotted enjoying a dinner date in the bustling streets of New York City. This rendezvous followed a few months after Gigi had called it quits with Bradley’s close friend, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Gigi sported an ensemble that turned heads, featuring a chic tan mini skirt and a white cropped vest, all elegantly complemented by a sleek black leather jacket. She added a touch of vintage charm with white socks and brogues while keeping her hair neatly tucked in a bun. Later, they were observed returning to the heart of New York City after a brief weekend getaway.

What adds a layer of intrigue to this story is that the union of Gigi and Bradley was orchestrated by none other than Bradley’s ex-partner, Irina Shayk. Irina and Gigi had shared a friendship for some time, and they acted as the catalyst that brought Bradley and Gigi together. Though they had crossed paths in social circles before, this particular connection evolved into something more substantial. Both share the common experience of being parents, a bond that deepened their connection. Bradley, taking the initiative, asked Gigi out, and her interest was piqued. As it stands, their relationship is in its early stages and not yet at a very serious level.

Gigi is a mother to a 3-year-old daughter from her previous relationship with Zayn Malik, while Bradley has a 6-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine, with his former partner, Irina. Rumors circulate that Irina is also romantically involved with Tom Brady, but she still holds a special place in her heart for a more profound connection with Bradley.

For Bradley, this new relationship is a source of genuine excitement. He believes that Gigi is the embodiment of his ideal partner, and this newfound connection has him buzzing with enthusiasm, a feeling he hasn’t experienced in a while. On the flip side, Gigi’s ex, Zayn Malik, has had some mixed emotions about the situation, but he’s working on acceptance and focusing on his well-being and his responsibilities as a father. According to a reliable source, “He is learning to come to terms with the reality that he must move forward and prioritize his well-being, all while keeping his daughter’s best interests at heart.”

The positive reception of this budding romance extends to Gigi’s family, including her mother and sister, who are wholeheartedly supportive of her new relationship. They see Bradley as a potential good fit for her and, above all, want to witness her happiness and contentment in this fresh chapter of her life.