Election Commission Directs Retrieval of Security Protocols and Privileges from Former Ministers in Sindh

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued orders to retrieve security protocols and privileges from former federal and provincial ministers in Sindh. The Chief Secretary and Inspector General of Police in Sindh have received correspondence from the Election Commission instructing them to take back these privileges within three days. The Election Commission has taken notice of the use of security and other privileges by former members of the Sindh Cabinet.

In the communication, the Secretary of the Election Commission emphasized that security protocols and privileges provided to individuals appointed on political grounds, including former chief ministers, provincial ministers, and other cabinet members, need to be revoked immediately. The Election Commission highlighted that the retention of these privileges contradicts its guidelines. The former members of the Sindh Cabinet are using security and other perks that need to be returned promptly.

It is important to note that the Election Commission had already written a letter on August 15th to the former cabinet members, instructing them to return security protocols and privileges. The Election Commission has set a deadline of three days for the implementation of these instructions, emphasizing the urgency of the matter.