Compensation Announced for Quetta Blast Victims Government Vows Strong Action Against Terrorism

In a press conference held on Sunday in Quetta, Jan Achakzai, the Minister of Information for Balochistan, announced compensation packages for the victims of the recent heinous bombing in Mastung. He stated that the families of the deceased will receive a compensation of 1.5 million rupees each, while those severely injured will be given 500,000 rupees, and those with moderate injuries will receive 200,000 rupees.

During the press conference, Achakzai condemned the gruesome attack and reiterated the government’s commitment to take stringent measures against terrorism. He emphasized that terrorists benefit from smuggling, and the authorities are taking measures to curb these activities. He made it clear that no leniency will be shown towards any malevolent elements. He pointed out that external forces seek to weaken Pakistan, and instances of terrorism are orchestrated to destabilize the nation. He added that such forces have historically collaborated with India, intending to create instability in Pakistan. However, their attempts will not succeed, as the people of Pakistan, especially those in Balochistan, stand united against terrorism.

Achakzai highlighted the need for collective action against terrorism, stressing that Pakistan and its citizens will defend every inch of their land. He acknowledged the expressions of sorrow from every Pakistani after the tragic incident and assured that the government would extend all possible assistance to the families of the victims. He further emphasized that public demonstrations and rallies are the right of every citizen, and the government’s duty is to provide security during these events.

This announcement and the government’s firm stance underline the resolve of the Pakistani authorities to combat terrorism and protect the lives and interests of its citizens. The compensation packages and assurances of security during public gatherings reflect the government’s commitment to both immediate support for the affected families and ensuring the safety of the public during such challenging times.