Swiss Pharma Company Roche Addresses Allegations of Counterfeit Injections Affecting Sugar Patients in Pakistan

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche has issued a statement regarding the production of counterfeit injections purportedly designed to safeguard the eyesight of sugar patients. The company’s statement sheds light on its efforts to combat this alarming situation in Pakistan.

According to Roche, they developed Avastin injections, known as Bevacizumab, primarily for cancer treatment. Avastin was approved for medical use in the United States and over 130 other countries worldwide. It has been recognized as an effective treatment option for various cancer types and is widely used for this purpose.

However, in recent developments in Pakistan, authorities have raised concerns about the quality and safety of these injections when used in treating diabetic patients to preserve their vision. Roche emphasizes that it never intended Avastin for such use and has no approval for its application in treating sugar patients to prevent visual impairments.

The company insists that the situation in Pakistan is related to the contamination of the Avastin supply by third-party suppliers. These unauthorized and counterfeit injections have allegedly found their way into the market, posing significant health risks to patients. Roche firmly condemns such fraudulent activities and the potential harm they can cause to patients.

Roche has expressed its commitment to work closely with Pakistani authorities to identify the source of these counterfeit injections and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. They emphasize the importance of ensuring patient safety and the need to prevent the use of unauthorized and substandard medical products in the country.

The emergence of counterfeit medications is a grave concern for both the pharmaceutical industry and public health authorities worldwide. It underscores the need for strict regulatory oversight and vigilance to protect patients from the potential harm caused by fake or substandard drugs.

In Pakistan, this situation serves as a reminder of the challenges in monitoring and regulating the pharmaceutical supply chain to ensure that patients receive safe and effective treatments. The collaboration between pharmaceutical companies like Roche and government authorities is essential to address such issues and protect the health and well-being of the population. Roche’s commitment to supporting these efforts reflects a shared commitment to patient safety and healthcare integrity in Pakistan and beyond.