Explosion in gas pipeline coming from Sui to Karachi, supply suspended in different cities

A gas pipeline explosion has disrupted gas supply to various cities, including Karachi, as a result of a blast that occurred in Kundh Kot, Sui (Sui Southern Gas Company – SSGC) in Pakistan. According to police reports, the explosion took place at the location of Ghulam Rasool Malik in the pipeline that transports gas from Sui to Karachi.

In response to the incident, law enforcement agencies and personnel from sensitive institutions have arrived at the scene to initiate an investigation. Preliminary findings indicate that the explosion may have been caused by gas pressure issues within the pipeline. However, further investigations are underway to determine the exact cause and assess the extent of the damage.

The disruption in gas supply to Karachi and other affected cities has caused concerns, particularly given the essential role of natural gas in households, industries, and businesses. Efforts are likely underway to repair the damaged section of the pipeline and restore gas supply to the affected areas as soon as possible.

Pipeline explosions and gas supply disruptions are not uncommon, and they can have significant implications for daily life and economic activities. Authorities and gas companies typically work diligently to address such incidents promptly, ensuring the safety of the public and the restoration of essential services.

As more information becomes available through the ongoing investigation, a clearer picture of the incident’s causes and its impact on the affected regions will emerge. In the meantime, residents and businesses in the affected areas may experience temporary inconveniences as they await the resumption of regular gas supply services.