Tragedy of May 9, investigation of 14 cases completed, Chairman PTI declared guilty in ten cases

Lahore (TV Report) – The joint investigative team looking into the May 9th incident has completed the inspection of 14 cases, in which Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, has been implicated in ten cases. According to sources within the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Chairman Imran Khan is facing charges in central case 96/23, which consists of a 2,000-page-long challan (legal charge sheet).

In the case against PTI Chairman, over four hundred pieces of evidence related to social media have been collected. Arrested suspects’ statements and leads have also implicated Imran Khan as a guilty party. According to FIA authorities, evidence clearly points to a conspiracy in the attack on Jinnah House, with direct involvement of 80 individuals revealed in their statements. During the investigation of the May 9th events, concrete evidence of a conspiracy was also found.

Chairman PTI’s own statements were found to be contradictory to the circumstances. According to the FIA, in the nine other cases, solid evidence has also been found against Imran Khan. The challan for the fourteen cases will soon be presented in the courts.

This development has significant implications for Pakistan’s political landscape, as Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman, faces serious charges related to the incidents of May 9th. The investigative team’s findings and the subsequent legal proceedings will be closely watched by the public and political observers, as they have the potential to impact the country’s political dynamics.