The government is trying its best to reduce electricity rates, said the caretaker energy minister

Islamabad (News Reporter) – Federal Minister for Energy, Muhammad Ali, has announced the launch of an operation against electricity theft, emphasizing the government’s efforts to reduce electricity prices.

Speaking to the media in Karachi alongside the Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Ali stated that a new tariff would be introduced in October for industries across the country, with a focus on providing more gas to industries.

Muhammad Ali mentioned that the business community would present its recommendations to the Prime Minister. Efforts are underway to crack down on electricity thieves through FIRs (First Information Reports) and recoveries are in progress. Changes in electricity rates are influenced by fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate, and there was an increase in electricity bills in August due to higher consumption during July.

A major-scale electricity theft operation was recently conducted at the former MPA’s Farm House.

The Federal Minister for Energy emphasized that actions are being taken against electricity theft throughout the country. Altering past agreements is not feasible, but their efforts are directed towards reducing the burden of electricity.

Muhammad Ali stated that there is no reduction in solar net metering rates, and they aim to provide industries with as much gas as possible since the country has gas reserves, and they are working hard to extract them.

On this occasion, Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori remarked that the business community wants the economy to keep running smoothly. The country is currently trapped in the clutches of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and is unable to provide relief.

Governor Sindh mentioned that the dollar is expected to decrease further, and significant foreign investment, around $2 billion, is anticipated from friendly countries.