Rohit Sharma Achieves Historic Feat: First Six Against Shaheen Afridi in Opening Over of ODI Innings


In the ongoing Asia Cup Super 4’s match at Premadasa Stadium, the cricketing world witnessed a gripping encounter between arch-rivals India and Pakistan. One particular moment stood out during the contest when Indian batsman Rohit Sharma demonstrated remarkable skill and adaptability.

Facing the first five deliveries from Pakistani bowler Shaheen Afridi, Sharma exhibited caution and restraint, clearly mindful of his previous encounter with Afridi in the tournament where he had been dismissed inexpensively. However, it was the last ball of Afridi’s over that brought the crowd to its feet. Sharma unleashed a powerful stroke that sent the ball sailing over the boundary ropes for a massive six.

This crucial six marked a historic moment in cricket as Sharma became the very first batsman ever to hit a six off Afridi’s bowling in the opening over of a one-day international match. It was a testament to Sharma’s determination and his ability to learn from past mistakes. He had clearly studied Afridi’s deliveries and seized the opportunity when the bowler faltered in line and length.

Sharma’s six not only showcased his adaptability but also underscored his exceptional batting prowess. He played with intelligence and demonstrated his class by concluding the first over with a flourish. This remarkable display was indicative of Sharma’s commitment to scoring runs in the high-pressure encounter.

In the grander scheme of things, Sharma’s performance was a testament to his skills and resilience against a formidable opponent. Not only did he make history with that historic six, but he also contributed significantly to his team’s cause by amassing 56 runs in today’s match against Pakistan. His all-around performance demonstrated why he is considered one of the premier batsmen in the world of cricket.