Amid US-TikTok Dispute, China Prohibits Government Officials from Using iPhones

To Reduce Reliance on Foreign Tech, China Bars Government Officials from Using Apple iPhones and Foreign Devices at Work

China has initiated a ban on the use of Apple’s iPhones and other foreign-branded devices by officials in central government agencies as part of its efforts to decrease dependence on foreign technologies and promote domestic alternatives. The ban, implemented in recent weeks, precedes an upcoming Apple event expected to unveil a new iPhone lineup. China has been actively working to reduce reliance on overseas markets and technology, as indicated by its “dual circulation” growth model proposed in 2020. This move by China parallels similar bans imposed by the United States on Chinese companies like Huawei and TikTok. As one of Apple’s major markets, generating nearly 20% of its revenue, the ban may raise concerns for foreign companies operating in China amid escalating Sino-US tensions. The specifics of enforcement and potential consequences for violating the ban remain unclear, but it underscores China’s growing inclination to restrict the use of foreign technologies.