Asia Cup: Gautam Gambhir’s rude gesture to the spectators, the reaction of the former cricketer also came

Gautam Gambhir, the former Indian cricketer, has become the center of attention on social media platforms, particularly on TikTok, due to a viral video in which he made an inappropriate gesture while leaving the stadium.

The video, which surfaced on Monday, shows Gambhir making an indecent gesture when chanting spectators outside the stadium. Several videos have gone viral on TikTok, featuring Gambhir being taunted with various chants. Some Pakistani users claim that these chants included “Kohli Kohli,” which apparently angered Gambhir and led to his inappropriate gesture.

During a media interaction on Monday, a journalist asked Gambhir about the viral video. In response, he said, “First of all, not everything shown on social media is true. People say and do whatever they want. When you shout slogans against India, say ‘Hindustan Murdabad,’ or discuss Kashmir, someone is bound to react; either they will give some response, or they will just laugh it off.”

It’s worth noting that during the recent Pakistan-India match, Gambhir had engaged in friendly and pleasant conversations with Pakistani players, emphasizing the need for sportsmanship and a positive atmosphere. He stated that Indian players should not indulge in heated arguments or conflicts with Pakistani players during matches.

Gautam Gambhir’s comments and actions have drawn mixed reactions from both Indian and Pakistani fans. Some believe that his reaction was justified, given the provocative chants, while others argue that sportsmanship and respect for opposition fans should always be maintained, especially during cricket matches that attract a massive audience.

The incident highlights the intense rivalry and emotions associated with cricket matches between India and Pakistan, where fans on both sides are passionate and often engage in banter and friendly taunting. Gambhir’s response has added another layer to the complex dynamics of cricket diplomacy between the two nations.