50 billion dollars will be invested from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, Anwar Kakar

Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar has expressed his commitment to finding innovative, data-driven solutions to provide relief to electricity consumers, assuring that his government is determined to explore unconventional measures based on facts. He also emphasized that general elections would be conducted in accordance with the constitution as soon as possible, and every possible assistance would be provided for their timely organization.

Speaking to foreign media representatives on Monday, Prime Minister Kakar mentioned that Saudi Arabia and the Middle East would invest $25 billion each in Pakistan over the next two to five years. This significant investment is expected to boost Pakistan’s economic prospects and development.

Prime Minister Kakar made these remarks during discussions with foreign media correspondents, highlighting the government’s commitment to fulfilling promises made regarding electricity bills. He assured that decisions would be based on facts to reassure the public. Challenges such as circular debt, electricity theft, and line losses are significant issues that the government is addressing. The government is also actively seeking short-term solutions to address the concerns of protesting citizens without hurting their sentiments.

According to the constitution, constituency delimitation is essential after the population census. Prime Minister Kakar reiterated that the government would expedite the reorganization of constituencies. He emphasized the need for immediate scrutiny of electricity distribution companies, particularly those responsible for distributing electricity to more than one or two consumers. Reforms in the electricity and taxation sectors are also on the government’s agenda, with mid-term reforms forming the foundation of these efforts.

The Prime Minister’s commitment to data-driven solutions and the implementation of electoral processes in accordance with the constitution demonstrates the government’s focus on transparency, accountability, and economic development. The significant investment from Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries reflects growing confidence in Pakistan’s economic potential and investment opportunities. These developments are expected to have a positive impact on the country’s economic landscape.