Tragedy struck in Damghan city, Iran, as a devastating coal mine explosion claimed the lives of six miners.

A tragic and fatal explosion has claimed the lives of six workers in a coal mine in Damghan city, Iran. The incident occurred on Sunday, and despite rescue efforts, the miners’ bodies were not recovered until Monday morning, as the initial rescue mission faced difficulties, as reported by Iranian media.

The explosion occurred deep within the mine, at a depth of approximately 400 meters (440 yards), in the northern city of Damghan. The exact cause of the explosion remained unclear at the time of the report.

According to the official IRNA news agency, “Six miners were trapped underground on Sunday when the coal mine explosion took place in Damghan.”

Footage shown by IRNA depicted other workers at the scene working tirelessly to recover the bodies of their fellow miners from beneath the debris, as reported by AFP.

Regrettably, this incident is not the first of its kind in Iran. In May 2021, two miners lost their lives in a similar coal mine collapse, as previously reported by Iranian media. These incidents highlight ongoing safety concerns surrounding mining operations in the country.

In a more significant and tragic event in 2017, Azad Shahr city in northern Iran witnessed a devastating coal mine explosion that resulted in the tragic loss of 43 miners’ lives. This incident sparked anger and criticism directed toward Iranian authorities regarding safety and regulations in the mining industry.