Hollywood strike stems from writers’ disputes over compensation, AI, and streaming challenges.

On Thursday, Sam Asghari publicly endorsed the ongoing Hollywood strike that commenced back in May. The actor, who recently parted ways with singer Britney Spears, shared a photo of himself holding a placard in solidarity with the protesting workers. This gesture highlights his support for the labor movement within the entertainment industry.

The strike kicked off on May 2 due to a deadlock in negotiations between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and major studios. Key points of contention included compensation, mandatory staffing levels for writers’ rooms, residual payments in the era of streaming, and concerns about the growing use of artificial intelligence, which writers feared could supplant their creative contributions.

In the backdrop of these disputes, entertainment industry leaders have faced the complex challenge of managing declining television revenues, a movie box office that hasn’t fully rebounded to pre-COVID levels, and streaming services struggling to generate profits. These dynamics have created a turbulent landscape for the industry as a whole.