The Secretary of the Presidency has relinquished the charge of the Presidential Secretariat.

Secretary of Defense, Wacar Ahmed, has handed over his charge as the head of the Presidential Secretariat to the Establishment Division for the next responsible individual. President Arif Alvi had requested the federal government on the 20th of last month to replace the Federal Secretary, Humaira Ahmed, with his preferred candidate, but the request was declined by the Senate.

Subsequently, other federal secretaries were urged to serve in the Presidential Secretariat, but none of them showed willingness to assume the role of the Chief Secretary. Now, Aram Bukhari, previously an Additional Secretary in the Presidential Secretariat, has been assigned this responsibility. She hails from the District Management Group.

Amid the crisis of Prime Minister, federal ministers, governors, and chief ministers of provinces avoiding meetings with the President, Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar, who took office almost three weeks ago, still hasn’t managed to meet the President.

Sources have indicated that President Alvi has only eight days left in his designated term and has yet to appoint any notable officials to government positions before completing his tenure. It is now widely believed that whenever an esteemed individual manages to secure a meeting or phone call with him, it will be in the presence of a notetaker.