Election Commission Holds Open Hearing on Sunni Alliance Council’s Request for Reserved Seats

The Election Commission has made a decision to hold an open hearing on the Sunni Alliance Council’s request for the allocation of specific seats. A five-member bench of the Election Commission will conduct the hearing, where the decision to allocate reserved seats to the Sunni Alliance Council will be deliberated.

In addition to scheduling the hearing, the Election Commission has also issued a cause list, indicating the cases to be heard by the five-member bench. Among those notified are Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, representing the Sunni Alliance Council, as well as Mahmood Khan, Maulvi Iqbal Hyder, and Kunz-ul-Saadat.

Former Secretary of the Election Commission, Kunwar Dilshad, emphasized that the decision to allocate seats to the Sunni Alliance Council rests within the discretion of the Election Commission. He stated that the Commission’s decision will be made after careful consideration of all relevant factors.

The open hearing signifies the Election Commission’s commitment to transparency and fairness in the electoral process. By providing a platform for stakeholders to present their arguments, the Commission ensures that decisions regarding seat allocation are made through a democratic and participatory process.

The decision regarding the allocation of reserved seats holds significant implications for political representation and inclusivity within the electoral system. It is essential for the Election Commission to carefully weigh the Sunni Alliance Council’s request against legal and procedural considerations to uphold the integrity of the electoral process.

Overall, the Election Commission’s decision to hold an open hearing demonstrates its commitment to upholding democratic principles and ensuring that all voices are heard in the electoral process.