Government Announces Revised Motorway Toll Tax Rates

Toll Tax M2

In a recent development, as of August 26, a revised toll tax system has been introduced for motorway users, which will remain in effect for the next 12 months. These changes encompass a significant Rs 3.7 per kilometer increase for cars, bringing the new rate to Rs 1,100.

Moreover, the toll for wagons has been elevated to Rs 1,840. Notably, coasters have experienced a noteworthy increment of Rs 7.22, resulting in a new rate of Rs 2,590. Coaches, on the other hand, are now subject to a toll of Rs 3,690 following a substantial increase of 10.29.

According to the official notification, the revised toll for trailers on the Lahore-Islamabad motorway now stands at Rs 6,170. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the updated toll rates:

  • Car or Jeep: Rs 1,100
  • Coaster: Rs 2,590
  • Wagon: Rs 1,840
  • Coach: Rs 3,690
  • Trailer: Rs 6,170
  • Truck: Rs 4,800

This announcement has compounded the challenges faced by citizens already grappling with Pakistan’s challenging economic conditions. Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving situation.