Toshakhana case, the trial court did wrong, we cannot do that, Chief Justice Islamabad High Court

A bench of Islamabad High Court, led by Chief Justice Aamer Farooq, conducted a hearing on the application for suspension of Imran Khan’s sentence. During the proceedings, the assistant counsel of the Election Commission, Majid Parvez Advocate, appeared in court as a representative of Imran Khan, as Imran Khan’s lawyer, due to his illness, couldn’t attend. The court decided to adjourn the hearing until Monday.

Majid Parvez’s assistant counsel informed the court that they had not requested any adjournment in the past 8 months. He stated that a medical recommendation for bed rest had been provided and clarified that his power of attorney was not included in this case. In response, Justice Aamer Farooq mentioned that the application for suspension of sentence was now on a critical stage. The required evidence had almost been completed within 15 to 20 minutes. He also highlighted that the Deputy Commissioner was not present on Friday, and although they could have concluded the case by Monday, they chose not to do so. He further conveyed that while they could handle the task of a trial court, they would refrain from doing so.

The hearing highlighted the legal intricacies surrounding the suspension of Imran Khan’s sentence. The court acknowledged the request’s status and the approaching final stages of evidence collection. The absence of the Deputy Commissioner on Friday seemed to have influenced the decision to adjourn the hearing until Monday. Despite the option to conclude the proceedings by the following Monday, the court chose not to rush the process. This approach emphasized the court’s dedication to maintaining a fair and thorough examination of the case.

The legal proceedings are unfolding against a backdrop of political significance, given Imran Khan’s role as a prominent political figure. The court’s commitment to due process and meticulous consideration of the evidence underscores the importance of upholding justice impartially. As the case progresses, the attention remains on the legal intricacies and the eventual outcome of the application for suspension of Imran Khan’s sentence.