High court hears case on harassment of Sargodha anti-terrorism court judge.

The Sargodha District Police Officer (DPO) and other policemen sought an unconditional apology from the Lahore High Court in a case involving the harassment of a judge from the Sargodha Anti-Terrorism Court.

Justice Shahid Karim of the Lahore High Court heard the petition, which was filed against the alleged harassment by a spy agency. During the proceedings, a state lawyer argued that the prime minister, currently out of the country, would implement the court order within a couple of weeks.

Additional Attorney General Mirza Nasar, citing the Attorney General for Pakistan, informed the judge that the court order would be implemented. Justice Shahid Karim noted that there were two cases before the court: a writ petition and a case of contempt of court. He inquired about the next steps for the contempt of court case.

Hina Hafeez, assisting the court in the contempt matter, stated that the court had jurisdiction to take action. The judge then asked the police officers involved in the contempt case to submit their responses. The police officers, including the Sargodha DPO, CTD regional officer, and the relevant SHO, filed a written reply seeking an unconditional apology.

Justice Karim indicated that he would decide on the apology at the next hearing. The court adjourned the proceedings until the second week of August.