Low Demand Forces Toyota Indus Motors to Close Assembly Plant


Amid Ongoing Challenges, Toyota Indus Motor Company Declares Additional Non-Production Days.

In an official announcement to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), (IMC) has revealed a forthcoming series of non-production days (NPDs) due to persistent operational issues and economic difficulties. The car assembly plant is set to halt operations from August 25 to September 6, 2023, with inventory shortages being cited as the primary reason behind this decision.

The most recent notification highlights reduced sales as a contributing factor to the decreased demand.

Toyota Indus Motors recorded a significant 26% month-over-month decline in sales, with the sale of 1,368 cars. The primary cause behind this dip can be attributed to the notably poor performance of the Toyota Hilux and Fortuner, both of which experienced a 63% drop in sales last month