Allegations of cheating and forgery against actor sunny deol.

Producer Sourav Gupta has accused actor Sunny Deol of cheating and forgery, claiming that Deol has deceived him out of a significant sum of money. Gupta, who operates under the banner of Sundwan Entertainment Pvt Ltd, asserts that he approached Deol for a film project in 2016 and paid him an advance. Despite this, Deol allegedly prioritized working on another film, “Poster Boys” (2017).

In an interview with, Gupta detailed that he paid Deol Rs 1 crore as a signing amount. However, Deol continued to delay their film and eventually opted to work on “Poster Boys” instead. Gupta stated, “I paid him more than Rs 2.55 crore and even changed the script and director on his persistence. We even booked studios to begin shooting, but all in vain. We have been cheated by him and his team.”

Gupta further accused Deol of forging an agreement to extract more money. He claimed that they had agreed on Rs 4 crore as the signing amount, but the agreement showed Rs 8 crore, with an additional Rs 2 crore for profit-sharing. Gupta said that when he raised these issues, Deol’s team became unresponsive, even claiming Deol was out of the country.

Expressing his frustration, Gupta shared, “I am an outsider who came to the industry to make films and generate employment. However, I was deceived, and I don’t know where’s the end to this. I have lost my hard-earned money to a powerful man. Of course, there is no hope of collaborating with him; I just want justice. I want to get back my money.”

Gupta revealed that when he attempted to file a complaint, he faced disbelief and lack of support, partly due to Deol’s status as both an acclaimed actor and a Member of Parliament (MP). Efforts to reach Sunny Deol’s team for comments have been unsuccessful.