Farmer Stumbles Upon Big ‘Dinosaur Egg’

Carlos Spegazzini is a city located in Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina, situated in the Ezeiza Partido in the central-southern part of the region. The city is named in honor of the renowned botanist Carlos Luigi Spegazzini.

One ordinary morning, Mateo adhered to his customary routine. The fields were adorned with morning dew, casting a serene and picturesque ambiance. However, on this particular day, something completely unexpected occurred.

As Mateo traversed the muddy terrain, his attention was captivated by a remarkable sight. There, amidst the tall grass near the stream, he discovered an astonishing find. It was a large, ebony-colored shell adorned with reptilian scales. Its colossal size and peculiar texture triggered a mix of excitement and trepidation within him.