Pakistani students repatriated amidst tension in kyrgyzstan.

Amidst escalating tension in Bishkek, where mob violence targeted students from Pakistan and other nations, another 346 Pakistani students returned home from Kyrgyzstan on two flights.

Responding to calls for the safe return of students, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif swiftly acted, issuing directives to ensure their protection and facilitate their repatriation.

In adherence to the premier’s orders, two out of three anticipated special flights arrived at Islamabad and Lahore airports on Sunday night, each carrying 180 students. The third flight was scheduled to arrive later.

At Islamabad airport, students from flight KA 4575, landing at 7:45 pm, were warmly received by Federal Minister Musadik Malik. Meanwhile, in Lahore, students from flight KA 6571, arriving at 8:15 pm, were greeted by Information Minister Attaullah Tarar. Families eagerly awaited the safe return of their loved ones, expressing relief upon their arrival.

The Civil Aviation Authority facilitated immigration procedures and provided transportation for the returning students. However, despite the government’s assurances to cover expenses, repatriated students voiced concerns about bearing travel costs ranging between Rs90,000 to Rs92,000, urging for reimbursement.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ishaq Dar addressed unrest concerns, stating that his Kyrgyz counterpart assured him of the situation’s peacefulness in Bishkek. Dar dismissed reports of fatalities, citing them as false and fueled by social media sensationalism. He highlighted Kyrgyz authorities’ claims of paid bloggers spreading rumors to incite violence, emphasizing the need for vigilance against misinformation.

Despite initial plans to visit Bishkek, Dar noted the situation’s containment, rendering the visit unnecessary. He reassured that additional flights would be arranged for Pakistani students desiring repatriation, underscoring ongoing efforts to ensure their safe return amidst evolving circumstances.