PTI Expresses Concern Over Deteriorating Situation in Azad Kashmir

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has voiced deep concern over the escalating situation in Azad Kashmir, stating that governments lacking public mandate are exacerbating the challenges faced by the region.

In a statement issued by a PTI spokesman, it was highlighted that administrations devoid of popular support are proving to be detrimental to the well-being of Azad Kashmir and its people. The spokesman underscored the damaging impact of governance marred by a lack of legitimacy on both the nation and the country.

Furthermore, the PTI representative expressed apprehension regarding the increasing use of extra-constitutional power, emphasizing that such actions serve as precursors to heightened tensions and societal discord. The statement emphasized the importance of upholding democratic principles, wherein the voice of the people is respected and dissent is addressed through peaceful means rather than coercion.

In advocating for a democratic approach to governance, the PTI spokesman emphasized that civilized societies do not suppress the opinions of their citizens through force. Instead, they uphold the democratic right of peaceful protest as a fundamental pillar of democracy, urging citizens to leverage this right as a means of advocating for change and holding authorities accountable.

Addressing concerns regarding allegations of political maneuvering and governmental incompetence, the PTI spokesman called for a commitment to the rule of law and the sanctity of public mandate. It was emphasized that the state should not be implicated in activities such as horse-trading or the mishandling of electoral processes, and instead, governance should be guided by transparency, accountability, and adherence to democratic norms.

The PTI representative reiterated the importance of prioritizing public mandate and the rule of law as foundational elements of the country’s governance system. By upholding these principles, it was asserted that Pakistan can navigate its challenges with integrity and ensure that the rights and aspirations of its citizens are safeguarded.