Federal minister hails hollywood film on Pakistani culture as opportunity for global recognition.

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Attaullah Tarar commends Hollywood’s endeavor to produce a film showcasing Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage during a meeting with the visiting production team.

Tarar expresses optimism that the upcoming Hollywood film on Pakistani culture will serve as a significant milestone for the country’s film industry, fostering international recognition and appreciation. Discussions during the meeting revolve around Pakistan’s cultural legacy and the film’s portrayal of its diverse history.

The minister extends gratitude to the Hollywood team for their decision to highlight Pakistani culture on the global stage, emphasizing the nation’s esteemed cultural heritage. Tarar asserts that Pakistan’s history, literature, music, and art hold a unique place globally, underscoring the film’s potential to showcase the country’s beauty and diversity to the world.

Highlighting government initiatives to revitalize the cinema industry, Tarar outlines tax incentives, establishment of a film finance fund, and measures to promote local talent. He assures the Hollywood production team of full support from the government and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

In response, the Hollywood delegation expresses appreciation for the warm hospitality extended to them during their visit to Pakistan. They acknowledge Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and its immense potential in the filmmaking industry, pledging to assist the local film sector’s growth.

The delegation, comprising James MC Milan, Andrew James Fiero, Luisa Iskin, Sadia Ashraf, Badr Ikram, and Mashal Saqib, expresses gratitude to the government, people of Pakistan, and the local film industry for their cooperation and support. They express admiration for Pakistan’s beautiful locations and rich heritage, affirming their commitment to showcasing the nation’s narrative to the world.