Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi Orders Crackdown on Overbilling and Electricity Theft in Lahore

Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi has issued directives to intensify efforts to combat overbilling and electricity theft during a meeting held in Lahore. Chaired by Naqvi, the meeting focused on devising strategies to address the issue of overbilling and curb electricity theft across the country.

During the meeting, Minister Naqvi emphasized the importance of taking decisive action against officials found guilty of engaging in overbilling practices without discrimination. He underscored that it is imperative to hold accountable those responsible for overbilling, as citizens should not bear the brunt of inefficiencies and negligence within the power distribution companies (DISCOs).

Expressing his dissatisfaction with the prevalence of overbilling and electricity theft, Minister Naqvi instructed relevant authorities to escalate efforts to curb these malpractices. He emphasized the need for a concerted crackdown on overbilling and electricity theft, stressing that such activities undermine the integrity of the power sector and negatively impact consumers.

Minister Naqvi emphasized that the government is committed to ensuring transparency and accountability in the electricity distribution system, and any attempts to exploit consumers through overbilling will not be tolerated. He called for swift and decisive action to address overbilling issues and hold accountable those found guilty of engaging in such practices.

Furthermore, Minister Naqvi directed concerned authorities to continue their efforts to combat electricity theft effectively. He emphasized the importance of targeting not only individuals involved in electricity theft but also government personnel complicit in such illegal activities. Minister Naqvi stressed that eradicating electricity theft requires a multi-faceted approach, including stringent enforcement measures and increased public awareness campaigns.

The meeting chaired by Minister Naqvi underscores the government’s commitment to addressing the systemic challenges facing the power sector. By prioritizing efforts to combat overbilling and electricity theft, the government aims to enhance transparency, improve service delivery, and protect consumers’ rights.

Minister Naqvi’s directives to intensify the crackdown on overbilling and electricity theft highlight the government’s determination to address these longstanding issues. By taking decisive action against those responsible and implementing robust enforcement measures, the government aims to restore public trust in the electricity distribution system and ensure fair and transparent billing practices for all consumers.