Hot and Humid Weather to Persist in Sindh, Rain Expected in Some Areas

The weather in Sindh, including Karachi, is forecasted to remain hot and humid over the next three days. The Department of Meteorology has reported that Karachi is currently experiencing a period of high temperatures and humidity, a trend that is expected to continue.

Karachi’s Weather Forecast

The Department of Meteorology has indicated that Karachi will face hot and humid conditions for the upcoming days. The temperature in Karachi, also known as Quaid city, is expected to reach up to 38 degrees Celsius on both Thursday and Friday. Additionally, there is a possibility of rain accompanied by wind and thunderstorms in some areas on the outskirts of the city on Friday.

Meteorological Predictions for Other Regions

While Karachi will experience sweltering heat, other parts of Sindh are also predicted to endure extreme temperatures. Cities like Ghotki, Jacobabad, Dadu, Larkana, and Shikarpur may see daytime temperatures soar to a blistering 49 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, in Hyderabad, Umarkot, Tharparkar, Badin, and Sajawal, the temperature could rise up to 44 degrees Celsius.

Rain and Thunderstorm Predictions

The Meteorological Department has forecasted the possibility of light rain with wind and thunderstorms in several regions. Today and tomorrow, light rain is expected in Jamshoro, Tharparkar, Thatta, Badin, and Sanghar. Furthermore, on June 28, Umarkot, Sanghar, Thatta, Badin, Mirpurkhas, Tharparkar, and Tando Allahyar might experience rain with wind and thunderstorms.

Implications for Residents

Residents in these areas are advised to take necessary precautions to cope with the extreme weather conditions. The high temperatures can pose significant health risks, especially for vulnerable populations such as the elderly, children, and those with pre-existing health conditions. Staying hydrated, avoiding direct sunlight, and using air conditioning or fans to stay cool are crucial measures to mitigate the effects of the heat.

The expected rain and thunderstorms may provide some relief from the intense heat. However, they can also bring about other challenges such as potential flooding in low-lying areas and disruptions in daily activities. Residents should stay informed about weather updates and heed any advisories or warnings issued by local authorities.

The weather in Sindh, particularly in Karachi, is set to remain hot and humid for the next three days, with temperatures reaching up to 38 degrees Celsius. While extreme heat is forecasted for several other regions in Sindh, light rain and thunderstorms are expected to bring some relief. Residents are encouraged to take preventive measures to stay safe and comfortable during this period of intense weather.

while the forecast of rain brings hope for cooler temperatures, the ongoing hot and humid conditions require careful attention and preparedness to ensure the well-being of all residents in the affected areas.