Hubble network makes history with first-ever bluetooth connection to satellite.

In a groundbreaking achievement, Hubble Network has accomplished the first-ever direct Bluetooth connection to a satellite, marking a significant milestone in connectivity innovation.

Founded in 2021 by industry experts Alex Haro, Ben Wild, and John Kim, the Seattle-based startup successfully established a Bluetooth link with its satellites, validating a pivotal technology poised to revolutionize global device connectivity.

Following the launch of its initial two satellites aboard SpaceX’s Transporter-10 mission in March, Hubble Network confirmed the reception of signals from onboard 3.5mm Bluetooth chips from distances exceeding 600 kilometers.

This milestone unlocks vast opportunities to connect millions of devices worldwide across diverse sectors, including logistics, agriculture, healthcare, and beyond.

Alex Haro, co-founder of Hubble Network, initially marveled at the concept but underscored the substantial demand for such transformative technology.

Traditional Internet of Things (IoT) devices encounter obstacles related to power consumption, operational expenses, and limited global connectivity, impeding their widespread adoption across industries.

Leveraging innovative software and patented phased array antennas, Hubble Network has surmounted these challenges, enabling off-the-shelf Bluetooth chips to communicate over extended ranges with minimal power consumption.

The company’s phased array antenna serves as a conduit, facilitating seamless communication between Bluetooth-enabled devices and satellites.

With ambitions to expand its satellite constellation, Hubble Network aims to deliver continuous coverage for an array of applications, ranging from remote asset monitoring to soil temperature surveillance and elderly fall detection.

Set to deploy additional satellites in the upcoming months, the company is poised to establish a robust production constellation, promising ubiquitous global connectivity for devices.

The successful establishment of a Bluetooth connection with satellites heralds heightened efficiency and productivity. As Hubble Network continues to advance its satellite network, the prospect of global device connectivity draws closer, ushering in an era of unprecedented connectivity capabilities.