Apple explores integration of openAI’s technology for iPhone features.

According to a report by Bloomberg News on Friday, Apple Inc is engaged in renewed discussions with OpenAI regarding the potential utilization of the startup’s generative AI technology to enhance new features in the upcoming iPhone, expected to launch later this year.

Sources familiar with the matter revealed that discussions have commenced regarding the terms of a potential agreement and the integration of OpenAI features into Apple’s next iPhone operating system, iOS 18.

Last month, Bloomberg reported that Apple was also considering licensing Google’s Gemini chatbot for similar iPhone features, indicating a broader exploration of AI-driven capabilities for its flagship device.

While Apple has yet to finalize its decision on which partners to collaborate with, the company may potentially strike agreements with both OpenAI and Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc, or explore alternative providers.

Unlike some of its competitors like Microsoft and Google, Apple has been relatively slower in implementing generative AI technologies into its products. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook disclosed in February that the company is making significant investments in generative AI and plans to unveil more details about its integration into products later this year.