Coke studio season 15 unveils ‘maghron la’: A fusion of tradition and modernity.

Coke Studio Season 15 introduces the song ‘Maghron La’, featuring the Sabri Sisters and Rozeo, blending classic Pakistani music with modern elements.

Coming from the esteemed musical lineage of the Sabri family, Saman Sabri and Anamta Sabri infuse each song with a universal message of love and light. ‘Maghron La’ embodies this ethos with its festive, upbeat spirit, combining Punjabi beats with folk and bhangra influences.

The track exudes the essence of traditional wedding songs, featuring an infectious hook and seamlessly blending nostalgic cinematic elements with contemporary summer vibes.

While following the established Coke Studio pattern of alternating between classical vocals and rap verses, ‘Maghron La’ injects new life into the formula, thanks to Rozeo’s dynamic delivery and spirited lyrics.

The instrumental breaks, including a standout bansuri solo, enrich the composition by incorporating traditional Pakistani motifs.

However, some listeners may find the repeated use of reversed sounds to be somewhat excessive.

The accompanying music video, directed by Murtaza Niaz with cinematography by Aamir Mughal, upholds the visual excellence established in the previous season. It depicts a vibrant wedding celebration with graceful art direction, prominently featuring marigolds.

In conclusion, ‘Maghron La’ is a vibrant celebration of Pakistani musical heritage, infused with contemporary energy and visual allure.