PHF Matter Handed Over to FIH for Resolution, Hockey Camps Merged

Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Youth Program, Rana Mashhood, announced that the ongoing issue concerning the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has been referred to the International Hockey Federation (FIH) for resolution. Mashhood affirmed the commitment of the Pakistani authorities to abide by FIH’s decision once it is made. He stated that FIH will undertake a thorough review of the documents submitted by both parties involved in the dispute before reaching a conclusion. In the interim, the hockey camps organized by the rival factions within PHF have been amalgamated.

Mashhood elaborated that players from both groups will now convene in Islamabad for the merged camp. In a bid to ensure fairness and transparency, new trials will be conducted over the next two days. Notably, the selection board overseeing these trials will be chaired by Rolent Oltmans.

The decision to involve FIH underscores the seriousness with which the Pakistani authorities are approaching the resolution of the PHF issue. By entrusting FIH with the task of adjudication, Pakistan aims to uphold the principles of fair play and impartial judgment. Furthermore, the decision to merge the hockey camps reflects a concerted effort to promote unity within the sport and foster a conducive environment for collaboration and progress.

As the FIH evaluates the pertinent documents and deliberates on the matter, stakeholders within the Pakistani hockey community await the outcome with anticipation. The resolution reached by FIH will carry significant implications for the future direction of hockey in Pakistan and will shape the course of action for all parties involved.

In the meantime, the merged hockey camp in Islamabad provides an opportunity for players from both groups to showcase their skills and vie for selection. With trials overseen by an experienced selection board led by Rolent Oltmans, players can rest assured that their performances will be evaluated with utmost fairness and integrity.

As Pakistan navigates through this pivotal juncture in its hockey landscape, the nation remains hopeful for a resolution that will pave the way for renewed vigor and unity within the sport. The involvement of FIH serves as a beacon of hope for the restoration of stability and progress in Pakistani hockey, signaling a commitment to uphold the values of sportsmanship and equitable decision-making.