FIFA announces plans for inaugural women’s club world cup in 2026.

FIFA has unveiled plans for the inaugural edition of the Women’s Club World Cup, set to commence in January-February 2026, marking a significant milestone for women’s football globally. The tournament, featuring 16 teams, will be held every four years, as announced by FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

This initiative stems from FIFA’s commitment to revolutionize the female game, with Infantino outlining the vision for the Women’s Club World Cup in May 2021. While further details are yet to be revealed, the tournament is expected to bring together top clubs from various regions, including Europe’s UEFA Women’s Champions League and the United States’ National Women’s Soccer League.

The Women’s Club World Cup presents a platform for elite clubs to compete on a global stage, fostering competitiveness and promoting the growth of women’s football worldwide. It offers an opportunity for teams from regions with varying levels of development in the women’s game to showcase their talent and compete against established powerhouses.

In tandem with the announcement, FIFA has introduced a new calendar aimed at prioritizing player and coach well-being, with a focus on providing adequate rest and recovery periods. This move underscores FIFA’s commitment to advancing the women’s game and ensuring optimal conditions for athletes at all levels.

Furthermore, the FIFA Council has officially appointed Mattias Grafstrom as the FIFA Secretary General, following his interim nomination in October last year. Grafstrom, with a lifelong dedication to football, expressed pride and a strong sense of responsibility in taking on this pivotal role, highlighting his passion for the sport and commitment to its ongoing development.

The launch of the Women’s Club World Cup and the appointment of Grafstrom mark significant milestones in FIFA’s efforts to elevate women’s football and reinforce its position as a global leader in the sport. These developments underscore FIFA’s commitment to fostering inclusivity, competitiveness, and excellence across all aspects of the game.