Karachi Court Sentences Women for Circulating Counterfeit Currency

In a recent ruling, the Additional District and Sessions Court in Karachi delivered justice in a case involving the circulation of counterfeit currency within the People’s Bus Service. The court sentenced two women, Sobia and Farhat, to one year of imprisonment each for their involvement in the distribution of fake 1000 rupee notes.

Presiding over the case, Additional District and Sessions Judge Gharbi Irshad Hussain pronounced the verdict, highlighting the seriousness of the offense and the need for appropriate consequences. Despite the severity of the crime, the court showed leniency towards the defendants, taking into account their socioeconomic backgrounds and personal circumstances.

The court’s decision to release the women on bonds of Rs 10,000 each, coupled with a directive for them to abide by good conduct in the future, reflects a balanced approach towards rehabilitation and accountability. By involving the probation officer in the process, the court aims to ensure that the defendants receive support and guidance to refrain from engaging in illegal activities in the future.

Furthermore, the court ordered the confiscated counterfeit notes, amounting to six 1000 rupee bills, to be handed over to the State Bank for further investigation and disposal. This action underscores the importance of collaboration between law enforcement agencies and financial institutions in combating financial crimes and maintaining the integrity of the currency.

In its remarks, the court acknowledged the defendants’ claims of belonging to impoverished backgrounds, with one of them identified as a widow. While recognizing the gravity of their actions, the court took into consideration their circumstances and opted for a shorter sentence compared to the maximum penalty of 7 years for circulating fake currency.

The court’s decision aligns with the findings of the State Bank, which had previously confirmed the authenticity of the recovered notes as counterfeit. This collaboration between the judiciary and financial authorities highlights the effectiveness of coordinated efforts in addressing financial fraud and upholding the sanctity of the national currency.

According to the prosecution, the arrest of the two women occurred on January 21, 2023, following a complaint lodged by a driver of the People’s Bus Service. The swift action taken by law enforcement agencies underscores the commitment to combatting financial crimes and ensuring public trust in the integrity of financial transactions.

The court’s ruling serves as a deterrent against the circulation of counterfeit currency while also emphasizing the importance of rehabilitation and support for individuals involved in criminal activities. By striking a balance between accountability and compassion, the judiciary plays a vital role in promoting justice and maintaining societal order.