Roland Oltmans Appointed as Coach of Pakistan National Hockey Team: A New Era Begins

In a significant development for Pakistani hockey, Dutch coach Roland Oltmans has been entrusted with the role of coaching the national hockey team. The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) sealed an agreement with Oltmans, securing his services for two international tournaments, namely the Azlan Shah Cup and the Nation Cup.

Oltmans, a seasoned coach with prior experience leading the national hockey team, brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the table. His appointment underscores PHF’s commitment to revitalizing and strengthening the national hockey program, aiming to reclaim Pakistan’s past glory on the international stage.

The agreement specifies that Oltmans will be available to guide the team through the upcoming Azlan Shah Cup and the Nation Cup, providing strategic direction and mentorship to the players. His arrival is eagerly anticipated, with the foreign coach set to join the national hockey camp in Islamabad from April 22 onwards.

Notably, the PHF has also made several key appointments to support Oltmans in his coaching endeavors. Zeeshan Ashraf, Usman Sheikh, and Asif Ahmed have been designated as assistant coaches of the national hockey team, tasked with assisting Oltmans in implementing training programs and tactics.

Furthermore, Ghulam Jilani has been appointed as the goalkeeping coach, responsible for honing the skills of the team’s goalkeepers and ensuring optimal performance between the posts. Shahid Faqir assumes the role of physical trainer, tasked with enhancing the players’ fitness levels and overall conditioning.

Dr. Asad Abbas has been appointed as the team doctor, entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the players’ health and well-being throughout their training and competition schedule. The comprehensive coaching and support staff lineup reflects PHF’s commitment to providing the national team with the necessary resources and expertise to succeed on the international stage.

In preparation for the upcoming Azlan Shah Hockey Cup, a training camp is scheduled to commence in Islamabad on April 16. The PHF has announced a roster of 57 players who will participate in the camp, showcasing the depth of talent available for selection. The rigorous training regimen and competitive environment of the camp aim to prepare the team effectively for the challenges ahead.

The Azlan Shah Hockey Cup, slated to take place in Malaysia from May 4 to 11, serves as a crucial opportunity for the national team to test their mettle against top-tier international competition. Under the guidance of Oltmans and his coaching staff, the team will strive to showcase their skills, determination, and unity on the field, aiming to make a mark and bring glory to Pakistan hockey once again.

With Roland Oltmans at the helm and a dedicated coaching and support staff in place, the appointment marks the beginning of a new era for Pakistani hockey. As the national team embarks on their journey towards international success, the hopes and aspirations of millions of hockey enthusiasts across the nation ride on their shoulders, eager to witness a resurgence of Pakistan’s hockey prowess on the global stage.