Election Commission Announces By-Election Campaign Deadline and Constituencies

The Election Commission has declared that the election campaign for 21 constituencies of the National and Provincial Assemblies will conclude on the night of April 19 and 20, with strict penalties for violations.

Polling for the by-elections of the National and Provincial Assemblies is scheduled for April 21, with the campaign period ending between April 19 and 20, as per the Election Commission’s directive.

Candidates found in violation of the campaign deadline will face punitive action, including imprisonment of up to two years and fines of up to one lakh rupees.

The by-elections will be conducted in various constituencies, including NA 8 Bajaur, NA 44 Dera Ismail Khan, NA 119 Lahore 3, NA 132 Kasur 2, and NA 196 Qamber Shahdad Kot 1 at the National Assembly level.

Provincial Assembly constituencies where by-elections will take place include PK 22 Bajaur 4, PK 91 Kohat 2, PB 20 Khuzdar 3, PB 22 Lasbela, PP 22 Chakwal Kam Tala Gang, PP 32 Gujrat 6, PP 36 Wazirabad 2, PP 54 Narowal 1, PP 93 Bhakkar 5, PP 139 Sheikhupura 4, PP 147 Lahore 3, PP 149 Lahore 5, PP 158 Lahore 14, PP 164 Lahore 20, PP 266 Rahimyar Khan 12, and PP 290 DG Khan 5.

The Election Commission’s stringent enforcement of campaign deadlines underscores the importance of adherence to electoral regulations and the integrity of the democratic process.

As the by-elections approach, political parties and candidates are urged to abide by the stipulated timelines and guidelines to ensure a fair and transparent electoral contest.

The announcement of polling dates and constituencies provides clarity and transparency to voters and stakeholders, facilitating informed participation in the electoral process.

In light of the upcoming by-elections, the Election Commission remains vigilant in upholding electoral integrity and enforcing compliance with electoral laws, ensuring a level playing field for all candidates and parties.

As the campaign period draws to a close, attention shifts towards the electoral process itself, with voters preparing to cast their ballots and exercise their democratic rights in shaping the future of their constituencies.