Alain delon placed under legal guardianship amidst family conflict.

French screen legend Alain Delon has been placed under reinforced legal guardianship by a French judge, as confirmed by sources closely associated with the case.

Delon, known for his iconic roles in films such as “Swimming Pool,” “The Leopard,” and “Purple Noon,” has been battling poor health since suffering a stroke in 2019. While a guardian has been overseeing the 88-year-old’s medical decisions since January, this recent decision represents a more significant intervention.

According to sources, this guardianship implies that Delon’s autonomy in managing his assets and making decisions has been limited, particularly concerning certain medical aspects.

Typically, this level of guardianship entails a guardian managing an individual’s bank accounts and expenses. Delon is reportedly residing on his estate in the village of Douchy, situated over 130 kilometers (80 miles) south of Paris.

The decision was made by a judge in the nearby town of Montargis, following a request from prosecutors who sought the opinion of a doctor, prompting the judge’s action.

Delon has become embroiled in a highly publicized family feud involving his sons Anthony and Alain-Fabien, as well as his daughter Anouchka. The conflict intensified after Anthony Delon publicly disclosed his father’s compromised health to Paris Match magazine.

Anthony accused Anouchka of planning to relocate their father to Switzerland against his wishes, alleging it was to evade substantial inheritance taxes. Anouchka countered by stating her intention was solely for her father’s medical treatment. Furthermore, police seized 72 firearms from Delon’s residence due to lack of permits.

In the latest development, Anouchka is suing her brothers for breaching her privacy by publishing a conversation between her and their father. The trial is scheduled for April next year, as confirmed by the court.

Delon’s wealth, estimated to be worth millions, has drawn attention, particularly after the sale of approximately 80 artworks at auction in June, fetching over eight million euros ($8.7 million). These ongoing developments underscore the complexity of Delon’s personal affairs and the familial conflicts surrounding him.